Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A New Alien!!

It was a beautiful day in Teddyland. Lard, Bomb, Steggie, Thomas and Bunny were having a lovely walk. 

Then Lard spotted a giant bug thing and he saw a smaller bug but it wasn't just a normal bug it was a Legoman bug!  "What is your name?", asked Lard. 

"My name is Bugsy, and I like playing games." 
"Ok" said Lard "I will go and get the others "

Lard got the others and Bugsy told everything about himself to them. 
"I like playing games" said Steggie. 

"Let's play a game" said Bugsy. 
"Ok" said Bunny " Aaargh!! Get it off me!!!"
Then Thomas says " Aaargh!! Get it off me !!"

Then Steggie said "Get it off me!!!"

But Lard and Bomb thought Bugsy's game was brilliant!! "Yeeeaaahhh!!! Woo hoo!!" They screamed in excitement.

Then they made best friends and played until it got dark. "See you later Bugsy!" They all cried, it was great meeting you. Bugsy smiled and scuttled away "See you soon!" 
The End!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

When Beary Gets Mad!!

It was Bearys bedtime in Teddyland and everyone was doing a normal thing. 

Lard and Bomb were reading Beary facts about Creepers in Minecraft, they said "Did you know Creepers Latin name is Creepus Explodus?"

AAAAAHHHHHTCHOOOO!!!!!!! Beary sneezed because of her allergy of balloons!!

Steggie and Thomas were playing a video game. They were shouting to Monty the Pup, "Louder, louder!!!"

Lassie was doing a cool stunt. She was yelling "YABBA DOOBA DOO!!"

She landed on Bearys stomach and her goggles fell off!!!

This made Beary so mad she pushed Lassie off the bed!! Annabel came in to tell Beary off "You naughty girl! You always get mad at bedtime! Go to sleep or there's no computer game time for you for a week!!"

End of Bearys crankiness!!!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

NEW GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 It was a lovely day at Teddyland. Gibbon,Beary and Holly were relaxing . "This is the life!"they all said 
"Is that a super-duper soft pillow?" Asked  Lard Vader. "Yes and it's the only one in stock. "AWWWWWWWW" moaned. Lard
and he hit Gibbon "OWWWWWWWWW!" cried Gibbon. END OF PART 1!!!